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Nightlife Bangkok

Firstly, we are dedicated to providing the latest information about what’s going on in Bangkok’s nightlife. In addition, we offer our followers independent insights and reviews of the nightlife scenes and places in Bangkok. We also include reviews of local business services that might be useful to you during your stay in Thailand.

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The government closed businesses in Bangkok because of the covid-19 pandemic. And in our opinion, it will still take some time before it will fully re-open. Meanwhile, we will continue to give insights into the go-to places in Bangkok. So we can provide you with the information you need to have a great experience when Bangkok re-opens.


nightlife bangkok

Bangkok has everything to offer when it comes to nightlife. Sukhumvit Road is currently the most popular destination for ex-pats, tourists, and locals alike. In Sukhumvit, you can certainly find everything. From street food to fine dining restaurants. Sidewalk flea markets to shopping malls. Regular massage shops to happy ending massages. Nail spas, health spas, and body waxing salons. You can also find some sporting venues in Sukhumvit. However, they are mostly billiards (American Pocket Pool) and darts. And of course, the bars.

Bangkok is popular for its tourist destinations. Above all, it is popular for its bars and nightlife scenes. Especially its girly bars. Everywhere in Thailand, the girly bar scenes are pretty much the same. Of course, there will be differences. Such as, some bars might have a pool table and dartboards. Some might have one and not the other. Some bars might have none at all. Other bars have cheaper prices than others. But there is one thing that they all have in common. There will certainly be girls there ready to party with you and your friends.

Tips about “Lady’s Drinks”

Do not be surprised if you see different prices in your bill if you have been buying drinks for the girls you like in the bar. Typically, the bars charge ฿60 more for a lady’s drink.

Since most if not all of the girls are only working part-time, they do not earn a monthly salary. That ฿60 is what the girl earns by drinking a drink with a customer.


Getting involved in something illegal in Thailand carries heavy penalties including imprisonment.