Frequently Asked Questions

How-to guides and frequently asked questions and answers that can help you get the most out of Network Inc. services. This page also includes information on how to select your keywords. In addition, this page also contains information about keyword structuring and content building.

Adding Web Pages
Content Building with Keywords
How to Register

Guides to adding a web page.

  1. First, you must Register and Subscribe to one of Network Inc.’s subscriptions before you can start adding web pages,
  2. After you have registered and subscribed, then, you can go to the “Account” page and start posting by clicking “ADD POST”.

How to Register & Subscribe

  1. If you do not have an account, simply click on any “Register” or “Subscribe” links or buttons on the website. Which will show you the registration page. Then, fill out the form completely and choose your subscription and payment method. Above all, follow the instructions precisely for successful registration and subscription.
  2. Not following the exact instruction may result in unsuccessful registration and subscription.

Guides about Keywords

Keywords are used by search engines such as Google Search and Bing to display search results on the web. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the right keywords for your pages. These guides have produced great results for Network Inc. However, it is formulated through personal experience building websites.

    1. You must think like the person who will do the search, and not as the owner of the web page.
    2. Choose the main keyword that is the general category of your topic. For example, if your topic is about books, then use “Books” as your main keyword for that page.
    1. We classify two types of keyword extensions. Which we call the “Prefix” and “Tail” respectively.
    2. The “Prefix” is the “TYPE” of “MAIN KEYWORD”.
      1. For example, if your main keyword is “Books”, then your “Prefix” can be the type of book which is “Adventure”.
      2. It must be located before the main keyword.
      3. Therefore, you will have “Adventure Books”.
    3. After the main keyword is the “Tail”. It can be anything that you want to express about the “Prefix” + “MAIN KEYWORD”.
      1. For example, you want to sell books.
        1. Your prefix is “Adventure”, and your main keyword is “Books”.
        2. “For Sale” can be used as your “Tail”.
        3. It must be located after the main keyword.
        4. Therefore, you will have “Adventure Books For Sale”.
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Payment Methods

  1. PayPal
    1. You can make payments with credit/debit cards.
    2. You will be redirected to the PayPal Secure Payment System environment to process payment when choosing Paypal as your payment method. Once payment is completed you will be redirected back to the Network Inc. website.
  2. Manual/Offline
    1. You can make payments through PromtPay ( Available only in Thailand ).
    2. When choosing Manual/Offline as your payment method, you are allowed to register. However, your account will be marked “Pending” until payment is received and confirmed.
    3. Your account will be activated during operating hours when PromptPay payment has been received and confirmed.