DAWband Productions

custom backing tracks

Backing tracks with custom keys and features can also be arranged upon request. Send us an email at dawband@networkinc.net for your inquiries.

Lyrics & Guides

Our backing tracks have unique features. Specially designed for the gig musicians. You can choose to have built-in embedded lyrics or a chord guide instead. Depending on your convenience on stage. Furthermore, any Smart Phone or Tablet can play a DAWband backing track. However, you will need an audio player app that can display embedded lyrics. It is necessary to enjoy the full features of DAWband backing tracks.

custom backing tracks

Audio player apps from Google Play Store are free to download. However, only audio player apps that can display embedded lyrics can be used to play DAWband custom backing tracks.

Follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/DAWbandProductions for more information about us.

Additional Details

Email: dawband@networkinc.net

Contact Number: +66 (0)86 784 2433

Website: dawband.networkinc.net


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