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Subdomain Startup Websites still ranks top in Google

Out of pure instinct, people almost always look at the address of their startup websites then decide if they like it or not. I totally understand that those kinds of reactions are only because of the lack of information. However, we should first understand the structure of the web address. We also have to understand that ranking in Google is more about the contents of the website than the web address.

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Not including the protocol (http or https), the standard web address has three parts.

Sub Domain (SD) = your-name (your desired name)
Second Level Domain (SLD) = networkinc
Top Level Domain (TLD) = .net, .com, .org, etc.

Your website address would be

Building your websites

Since Google ranks websites and web pages according to the relevance of their contents, these two are the most important ingredients for your websites and web pages. It is also the strongest foundation of today’s websites and web pages. Therefore, Network Inc. concentrates on these two vital ingredients in building your Google ranking websites and web pages.

Pro Piano Tuner

startup websites

“Piano Tuner Thailand”
in Google

Ranked in the 1st Page of Google Search

Network Inc.
Sub-Domain Startup Website Ranks in Google Top Page!

Sabor Asi – Latin Band

startup websites

“Latin Band Bangkok”
in Google

Ranked in the 1st Page of Google Search

Why Network Inc. Sub-Domain websites?

While having a Second-Level Domain website sounds nice, there is nothing much a Second-Level Domain website can do that a Sub-Domain website can’t do. Moreover, Second-Level Domain websites are considerably more expensive than Sub-Domain websites. So, why not be smarter? Get a Sub-Domain website for your startup business while saving your startup budget.

online solutions for website building

This is what you get from Network Inc.!

  1. Get a website at minimal cost
  2. Web Hosting
  3. SSL Certificate
  4. Email (
  5. Your own sub-domain at

Contact Network Inc. now!

    Home » Posts » Subdomain Startup Websites ranks top in Google!