While in Sukhumvit,
Where to go?

sukhumvit terminal 21

Sukhumvit is certainly the most popular area for nightlife in Bangkok today. Because it has a wide mix of attractions perfectly suited for people from all walks of life. In addition, the over-head train (BTS) also runs along Sukhumvit Road. As a result, the nightlife scene is easily accessible. During the daytime, it is just a regular place. You can also find shopping malls, restaurants, banks, hotels, and more just like any other area. But it is at night when this area really comes to life.


While some nightlife actions can be found on the main road, it is in the alleys (Soi) in Thai, where the real party is. Aside from the regular girly bars and happy ending massage salons, freelance night girls can also be found in these alleys.

So, if you are looking for a nightlife adventure alone or with friends, Sukhumvit is currently the place to be. More specifically, Soi 4, 8, 7/1, 11/1, 21, and 22. That is why we will focus on them at this time.

Like everywhere else, all nightlife scenes in Bangkok also have some things in common. Especially the bar scenes. When there are girly bars in the area, then most probably, there will be massage shops nearby. While it might not be the case in other areas, but in Suhumvit it is true. A massage shop is never too far away if you get tired of the bars and need to relax.

What is in Sukhumvit?

Massage Places

Because Thai massage is very popular in the world, of course, there is no shortage of massage shops in Thailand. You can certainly find them almost everywhere in Sukhumvit. All shops offer Thai massage, Oil massage, and Foot massage. The price may be different from one shop to another. The regular price for a foot massage is ฿200 per hour. Thai massage ranges from ฿250 per hour to ฿300 per hour. Oil massage is ฿350 to ฿400 per hour. All massage shops offer the same massage services on their menu. However, some shops also offer other types of massage such as Aroma Therapy and more.

About Happy Ending Massage

It is not true that you can get a happy ending massage in all massage shops in Bangkok. There are also massage shops that strictly offer only massage services and nothing more. You can certainly ask for one, but there are no guarantees that you will get one. However, there are also massage shops that may not have the best massage, but offer the full package of happy endings.

So, before you go for a massage, you should ask yourself first if you want a good massage or a happy ending massage. Because most often, they do not come together.