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The best subdomain website solution for your startup businesses.

It is certainly nice to have second-level domain websites when starting your business. However, subdomain websites are as effective to start with. While second-level domains have a more attractive website address, it is also more expensive to make. On the other hand, a subdomain website is more cost-effective for startups. Most certainly, a subdomain website can also land you on the top page of Google search.

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The most affordable startup website solution for your startup business. For only ฿3,000 Thai Baht, you can have a flexible and expandable subdomain website. In addition, free SSL certificate and SEO support to help your website rank on the top pages of Google search. Furthermore, it comes with free hosting.

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Not just cheap and affordable, but also flexible website-making service. In addition, includes SSL/Wildcard certificates. We also assess your fees depending on your needs and requirements for your website. Because we always help our clients achieve minimal cost.

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Free SEO support is also included with all website packages. We concentrate on ranking your websites on the top pages of Google Search. Make your website now and start moving forward.

Second Level
Domain Website

subdomain . SLD . TLD

Subdomain Website

subdomain . SLD . TLD

Subdomain Websites

We provide FREE Web Hosting with our subdomain websites. Also includes an SSL certificate and SEO support for top page Google search ranking.

What are SLD & SD Websites?

Secon-Level Domain (SLD) Websites

Websites with a web address that starts with “www”.

For example:
“” “” “”

Sub-Domain Websites

Websites with a web address that starts with “your-name”.

For example:

Second Level Domain or Subdomain websites for your startup business?

Subdomain Startup Websites still ranks top in Google Search

Out of pure instinct, people almost always look at the address of their startup websites then decide if they like it or not. I totally understand that those kinds of reactions are only because of the lack of information. However, we should first understand the structure of the web address. We also have to understand that ranking in Google is more about the contents of the website than the web address. Despite being a subdomain, Network Inc. can help you achieve a ranking on the Google Search top page.

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