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Pro Piano Tuner is a piano tuning service based in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, also offers piano repair services. The main area of service is in Bangkok. However, we also accept piano tuning requests from outside Bangkok. For example, Hua-hin, Pattaya, Chon Buri, and etc. We also accept international clients from outside of Thailand.

We charge a standard fee of ฿2,400 Thai Baht. That is for clients in the Bangkok Metropolitan areas. The piano tuning fee for an Upright and a Grand piano is the same from Pro Piano Tuner. The piano tuning procedure is the same between the two. Therefore, we charge the same price.

The Piano Tuner Method

Pro Piano Tuner uses the traditional method of tuning acoustic pianos. That is the “Aural Method”. While all other piano tuners in Thailand use a digital tuning meter, Billy Alcordo tunes the piano aurally. That is to say, no digital tuning meter is used in the process of tuning. He only needs one note from a pitchfork or a tuning pipe. And then he calibrates the key temperament using a cycle of fourths and fifths.

The best-considered method of tuning acoustic pianos is the “Aural Method”. Because it is purely based on hearing skills. Furthermore, there is no replacement for the human factor. There are variables that a piano tuner has to take into consideration when tuning a piano. The location of the piano, acoustics of the venue and space harmonics are to be considered. These are some of the variables that a digital tuning meter cannot detect. Therefore, a good piano tuner must have good hearing skills.

Our Service Area

Our main service area is Bangkok Metropolitan. However, we also accept clients from outside of Bangkok. Also, international clients outside of Thailand are accepted.



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